Real estate development is such a industry brimmed with dazzling sunshine and life value. In my voice, the supreme essence of developers is to spread the value of design and the concept of a better life in the carrier of his developed properties.

Commitment to be the creator of high-end property is the enduring ideology and quest for Greenland HongKong. On the one hand, we place much attention to the changes of city life, and are sensitive to the potential needs of every family member in the course of integrating the families; on the other hand, we show reverence to heritage of urban civilization and digging out the beauty of rebirth for every piece of land by means of laying the foundation deeply into the land. We hold an ambition of becoming the leader, promoter and provider of a better life.

The development path has expanded from the initial residential development to commercial business, from residential communities to urban integration, from living services to health, parenting, pension, finance...... As an integrator of industrial resources, every step of Greenland Hong Kong is committed to improving people’s lives and creating a better lifestyle with a sincere heart.

As an old adage puts forward the vision, “love returns if you give out love, and gook luck comes if you send out blessing.” An valuable industry with full vitality is devoted to pass on the greatest goodwill to the world without any reservation!