Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Limited (SEHK: 00337) is a holding subsidiary of the Greenland Group, the Top 500 Groups in the world. Greenland Holdings Co., Ltd. is a diversified enterprise with global business. In the past 27 years since its inception, Greenland has cultivated a multilateral layout of “real estate development as the main business, associated with the other fields of large infrastructure, large finance, large consumption, health care industry, and science and technology” in the world. The industry has developed a multi-faceted structure and firmly implemented the capitalization, publicization, and international development strategy, expanding its business in more than 30 countries globally, and achieving the listing of domestic A-share (600606.SH) and a number of Hong Kong-listed companies, as well as building a capital platform for the integration of domestic and overseas resources. Since its first entry of the Top 500 Companies in 2012, Greenland Group has ranked on for seven consecutive years, and has been the top one as the real estate company in the world’s Top 500 Companies!

Greenland Hong Kong, as the only international window for Greenland Group's overseas listed real estate platform and brand display, deepens the promotion of “real estate +” strategy. The development projects cover more than 10 cities in 9 provinces across the country, centering on “medical health, business travel, technological innovation” and other advantageous industries to build up a composite industrial group. Blessed with the mature brand image, rich resources, sophisticated structure system, advanced management and passionate corporate culture of Greenland Group, Greenland Hong Kong is in the ambition of real estate benchmarking enterprise in the Hong Kong capital market bt means of comprehensively integrating the current resources and leveraging the Hong Kong capital platform!