Greenland Hong Kong conforms to the development of the times and has formulated a medium and long-term talent strategic plan. By 2015, Greenland Hong Kong should coordinate the total amount, quality and structure of human resources with the scale and speed of the overall development of Greenland Hong Kong, so as to realize the synchronization of talent growth and enterprise development. The overall goal of talent development in Greenland Hong Kong is to train and train a group of talents with excellent quality, scientific structure and distinct ranks, and further optimize Greenland Hong Kong by actively implementing and promoting the "5.3.1 Talents Strategic Plan" (5 talent working mechanisms, 3 talent projects and a human resources management professional team). Strategic human resource management system, perfect talent management system, improve the environment for talent development, and lay a strong talent foundation for Greenland Hong Kong to realize its strategic vision.
Specific objectives
The quality of talents has been continuously improved and the structure of talents has been continuously optimized. By the end of 2015, the total size of the group's human resources will reach 18,000 people, an increase of about 50% compared with the end of 2012; the number of employees with bachelor's degree or above will account for 50% of the total number of employees; and the number of middle-level cadres in the group will increase by about 30% on the basis of the existing rank structure, and the number of managerial cadres will increase by about 30%. The ministry has increased by about 50%, and the distribution and type of talents have tended to be rationalized. The effect of talent introduction is remarkable, and the level of talent cultivation is improved. In the aspect of talent introduction, talents in key and scarce positions such as real estate main industry, comprehensive industry and new undertaking industry are allocated through various effective ways of external selection and internal rotation. At the same time, campus recruitment is normalized and institutionalized as an important way of reserving and cultivating internal talents. It is planned that by the end of 2015, campus recruitment will be carried out. The number of recruits should reach 30% of the total number of external recruits; in personnel training, we should adhere to the principle of "internal selection as the main factor, external introduction as the supplement". Cadre selection should be based on internal promotion and training, accounting for more than 80% of the total. At the same time, we should strengthen the level of training at all levels, focusing on improving the training level of Greenland Management College, before cadre promotion. The training hours per capita are up to 30.    Increased investment in talent development has resulted in a marked improvement in talent effectiveness. In terms of investment in talent development, by the end of 2015, the expenditure for education and training of Group employees will not be less than 1.6% of the total wages of employees; in terms of talent efficiency, the contribution rate of human capital is constantly rising, which has become the key factor to promote the rapid development of enterprises. Talent development mechanism innovation, talent emergence environment formation. We will improve the organizational construction of human resources management at all levels, focus on building a strategic human resources management system suitable for the development of Greenland space, and promote the realization of the overall strategy of Greenland space with efficient organizational capacity.